How Cloud Computing is the New Golden Star of Vietnam’s economy

On August 31st this year, Vietnam’s government made an announcement, which perhaps could be compared to the one made three and a half decades back. In 1986, Vietnam launched a political and economic renewal campaign (Doi Moi) that introduced reforms intended to facilitate the transition from a centralized economy to a “socialist-oriented market economy.” Doi […]

SA Digital Week India 2022

Registration Closed Register To Attend Online If there’s one thing that the last two years have taught us, it’s that data never stops and the demand for data will continue to evolve. An entity that kept a sane balance in the event of a massive spike in network usage, user demand, and the need for […]

China Power Crisis will not be an Impediment in its Digital Journey

Highways are dimly lit, many traffic lights are operating at a reduced capacity and residents are bracing power cuts for several hours in a day. Local Chinese authorities have ordered power cuts at many factories, as directives from the government have mandated a reduction in carbon emissions. As many as 20 provinces are believed to […]

Singtel Announces ASEAN Data Center Platform

Singtel today announced two major moves to unlock value from its quality infrastructure assets and advance its digital infrastructure growth strategy, first outlined in its strategic reset in May. These include a partial sale of Australia Tower Network (ATN), a wholly-owned subsidiary which operates Optus’ passive telecommunications tower infrastructure, and the creation of a regional […]

EPI Announces New and Improved Data Center Operations Standard 2021

Many data center operators and customers using data center services, have come to realize that without adequate processes and maintenance programs, the data centers are at risk of not meeting the expected availability levels which could seriously impact their investment and business. Research has supported this thought with evidence that most data centers go down […]