Indian Scientists develop nanochannels that can eliminate unwanted energy waste

Indian scientists have developed electrically configured nanochannels that can eliminate unwanted energy waste and promise wave-based computing. This can revolutionise on-chip data communication and processing in the future, the Ministry of Science and Technology of India said. Conventional electronics is composed of logic circuits having a large number of transistors interconnected by metallic wires. The data […]

Middle East ICT market to reach almost $100 bn by 2025: Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis report titled ‘Innovative Business Models Spur Growth of Middle East ICT Market, Outlook 2021’, points that the Digital transformation initiatives undertaken by the government and enterprise’s acceptance of disruptive technologies are set to accelerate the Middle East ICT market growth. As a result, it is expected to reach $95.05 billion by 2025 from $84.23 […]

Yotta Infrastructure partners with Norway based storage solutions provider Piql

Yotta Infrastructure has partnered with Norway based data storage technology developer Piql to launch Yotta Preserve for the Indian market. With the help of Piql’s approach of using a photosensitive film to store digital information that can survive for any length of time Yotta Preserve aims to address the issues of governments departments, museums, the […]

How security is a concern when migrating to the cloud

The use of cloud computing is becoming ubiquitous because of its inherent advantages- from flexibility to simple onboarding. But on the other hand, there are growing security issues such as the ones experienced by banks in Australia. Are there lessons for companies in other geographies? W.Media’s digital event ‘South Asia Cloud Security Market Insights’discussed ‘Cloud […]