How is demand for DC’s and sustainability panning out in India

The pandemic has forced people to work from home, due to restrictions in people movement. This has also led organisations to migrate to cloud and there is an increase in the demand for data centres in India. But the question is what the driving demand of DC’s in India is and how sustainable is the […]

In the New Normal, South Asia increases Digital push

From April 28-30, South Asia’s best and brightest gathered virtually and discussed, as well as debated  topics like data centres, cybersecurity, digital banking, amongst others. The attendees got a chance to network with 7000+ Senior IT Leaders across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka markets. The event represented 100+ speakers and 2000+ delegates, across 12+ industries, featuring […]

How to deal with challenges when migrating to the Cloud

A lot of organisations have been shifting to cloud ever since the pandemic began. This raises the question of whether organisations are ready for adapting to the cloud environment and the challenges that come with it. This was delved in detail at W.Media’s Digital Week South Asia panel discussion titled ‘Dealing with cloud migration challenges’. […]