Grand Opening of Power Partners Building Graced by New Owner, Air Water Inc.

Grand Opening of Power Partners’ Building in Tampines

Acquired by Japan’s Air Water Inc with Direct Investment into Singapore, and Dedication to Job Growth

SINGAPORE 29th July 2019 — Power Partners Group is pleased to announce the grand opening ceremony of ​their seven storey building at 2 Tampines Industrial Drive. The opening ceremony was graced by Japan Ambassador Mr Jun Yamazaki, and observed by more than 50 VIPs who are business owners of manufacturing and high-tech companies from Singapore, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Vietnam and more. 

Japanese investment in ASEAN infrastructure projects since year 2000 has totaled more than US$230 billion (S$312 billion) and Singapore firms are being favoured as the gateway into ASEAN for their expertise in master planning and familiarity in business dealings in the region.

Air Water Group (AWI) has invested in the development of Power Partners Building with direct investment and employment plans in Singapore. Their investment coincides with the acquisition of Power Partners Group (PPG) who has been one of the leading critical power solution providers for the data centre industry in Singapore since 2006. 

“PPG specialises in the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of infrastructure for mission-critical applications, or any technology sites. This is increasingly important with the region’s power grid being put into the test with power-hungry data centres growing rapidly in the advancement of the digital era. The acquisition by AWI is a strategic approach to leverage and export both Japanese and Singaporean expertise into Asean wide,” said Mr Steven Wong, Director of PPG.  

About Power Partners Group 

Power Partners Group (PPG) is a company of Air Water Inc, Japan. Established since 2006, PPG provides power protection solutions for mission-critical applications in various industries all over Asia. With the extensive experience of more than 20 years of the founding members, Power Partners specialises in the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of infrastructure for mission-critical applications, or any technology sites. The primary concerns of our clients are power availability and uptime for systems. Over the years, PPG has created an association with a network of specialised companies and global manufacturers to deliver customised, complex power protection solutions, along with switch and distribution equipment, offering clients total turnkey solutions. 

About Air Water Inc.

The Air Water Group has evolved into a conglomerate that develops various businesses such as industrial gas, chemicals, medical, energy, agriculture and food products, logistics, sea water and aerosol.  The Air Water Group’s greatest strength is its diverse business network, the strong business bases of eight regions nationwide cultivated by its industrial gas business, and the diversity of human resources created by M & A as a driving force. 

The company has launched a new medium-term management plan, “NEXT-2020 Final,” which has three years from fiscal year 2019 to 2021 as its execution period. In fiscal 2021, the final fiscal year of it, Air Water Inc. aims to fulfil that vision, look ahead with the basic concept of “reform = execution of innovation”, and create a strong company that enables sustainable growth from fiscal 2022. 

Air Water Inc. Acquires DRUPS Titan, Hitec Holding B.V.

29th July 2019 – Air Water Inc. and Egeria have reached an agreement concerning the sale of 100% of the issued shares of Hitec Holding B.V. to Air Water Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Air Water”).

Purpose of the acquisition of shares

By acquiring Hitec, Air Water is now in a position to develop a stronger global critical power business and a more competitive total-solution offering through alignment with, and leverage of, their existing critical power solutions business based in Asia. This acquisition will enable cost reduction of operations, the acceleration of innovation of new products and the strengthening of the global presence of Hitec. As a result, Air Water aims to become the “Global No.1” in High Power UPS systems and other critical power related equipment. AWI already provides industrial gas solutions and critical safety solutions to customers in the datacenter, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing and critical infrastructure segments, thus creating natural synergies for their existing customers.

About Air Water

Air Water is a globally operating manufacturing conglomerate, based in Japan and listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Air Water operates in a large variety of sectors, such as industrial gas, chemicals, medical, energy, agriculture and food products, logistics, sea water and aerosol. It is headquartered in Osaka, employs 15,757 employees and reported a revenue of ¥802 billion in 2018 (ca. €6.6 billion). For more information, please

About Hitec

Hitec develops, manufactures and delivers full-service turnkey Dynamic UPS solutions to ensure uninterruptible, continuous and conditioned power supply to mission critical processes. End-markets of Hitec comprise datacenters, semiconductor producers, hospitals, airports and financial institutions. The company has a global presence with a strong market position in Asia. Hitec is headquartered in Almelo, Netherlands and operates offices in the US, UK, Spain, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Russia. Hitec employs c. 270 people. For more information, please visit:

About Egeria

Egeria is an independent Dutch investment company founded in 1997, which focuses on medium-sized companies. Egeria invests in healthy companies with an enterprise value between €50 million and €350 million. Egeria Funds has investments in 9 companies: IQI, Dutch Bakery, Clondalkin, Dynniq, Ilionx, Trust, GoodLife Foods, TEG and Nooteboom. Besides private equity, Egeria has a long-hold portfolio Egeria Evergreen with six companies, Egeria Real Estate Investments, and Egeria Real Estate Development. Egeria’s portfolio companies have a combined turnover of over €2.3 billion and employ close to 10,000 people. For more information, please visit:

Tech Knowledge Sharing Platform Enriched via Collaboration between OPEN-TEC (Thailand) and W.MEDIA (Singapore)

OPEN-TEC and WMedia Pte. Ltd. (W.Media) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on July 11, 2019 to foster collaboration in Cross Country Tech Knowledge Base at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The objective of this joint project is to promote technology ecosystem collaboration among members from both platforms including Malaysia, The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, to facilitate innovation, international network, business opportunities. As well as to increase media channels, activities or experts from each country member to become the center of high-quality human resources in technology.

OPEN-TEC, the Tech Knowledge Sharing Platform operated by TCC Technology Group, a leading integrated technology infrastructure provider in Thailand, is ready to collaborate with W.Media Pte Ltd, a global B2B technology marketing agency that specialises in PR, Media and Events for four major mutual interests:

  • Cross-Border Activities : Co-developing country members in terms of technology skills and knowledge update on technology trends in the digital era.
  • Cross-Ecosystem : Co-creating new methods to connect the ecosystem for long-term collaborative learning according to country members’ needs as well as publicizing change of directions in each country member.
  • Cross-Platform : Leveling up body of tech knowledge between trustful platforms to build trust and success in various industries.
  • Cross-Media : Promoting to communication with public about the country members’ digital strategies, initiatives and workforce capability.

“OPEN-TEC is a platform created from TCC Technology Group’s intent on collecting and sharing knowledge of technology to build organizational innovation for TCC Group’s employees as well as startups, corporates and students in Thailand. We are delighted to announce the collaboration between OPEN-TEC and W.Media that leads us to this challenging goal in increasing benefits for the people in the region. Each country is thriving to build a strategic alliance with international organizations for new collaborations. To increase positive impact on business and social sustainability, this can be done through tech knowledge sharing and learning in the international arena which is another alternative way to integrated sustainable development.” Stated by Mrs. Waleeporn Sayasit, Corporate Communications Director of T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCtech)

ASEAN nations are expected to become the fourth largest economy in the world by 2030 and digital transformation to Industry 4.0 can be accelerated by combining ideas and resources – Vincent Liew, Director ( W.Media )


W.Media is a global B2B technology marketing agency that specialises in PR, Media and Events. W.Media assists in educating the public on the latest developments in the Cloud and Datacenter Industry by providing personalised experiences and engagement within the marketplace. They have successfully organised Cloud and Datacenter Conventions in ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore and ever expanding their horizons. 

About OPEN-TEC (Inspired by TCC Technology)

OPEN-TEC is the Tech Knowledge Sharing Platform which can be applied in various aspects of benefit towards business, education, and society. OPEN-TEC was designed to be a mobile Corporate Innovation Lab that is moving forward with technology, a network of experts and a variety of knowledge from local and international areas. Its objective is to create tools to serve 3 major dimensions; Learning Society, Organizational Digitalization and Shared Value towards Sustainable Community.

OPEN-TEC welcomes every party who has an interest in corporate innovation. The initial members are from collaboration among TCC Technology Group, Fintech startups, university sectors, regional leading organizations and our global technology partners. More details, please visit


TCC TECHNOLOGY GROUP is Leading Integrated Technology Infrastructure Provider consisting of T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCtech), LEAP Solutions Asia Co., Ltd. (LSA) and Shinasub Co., Ltd. (SNS). This technology group is Thailand’s first SAP partner certified specializing in three areas including SAP Hosting/SAP Cloud/ SAP Hana Certified Partner.  TCC Technology Group also has tightened collaboration with various leading global partners e.g. Microsoft, IBM, DELL and Cisco. To nurture the trust for our people, customers and partners, the Group aims to grow towards sustainability and become regional preferred choice for the Best Valued Solutions through Secured Facilities, Experienced Professionals and Innovation.

Cool Running’s With Ken Ng

As the founder of Canatec Pte Ltd in Singapore, Mr Ken Ng is also their Business Director. His specialisation is: Mission Critical Environment Solutions., and has been in the Mission Critical Environment Solutions industry for more than 15 years.

An outgoing personality, coupled with strong business acumen, Ken has brought Canatec to where it is today from what it used to be in a small office room back in 2007. With the new office situated at Kaki Bukit, it boasts a 2 level structure with about 400 square metres. Ken was perceptive in the line of business and understood the importance of the mission critical environment to his clients, providing superior solutions which were optimized to each unique business requirement.

A charismatic leader, Ken earned the respect and trust of his peers who worked alongside him with ease. His laudable work ethics ensured that quality work was always delivered in a timely fashion. Ken’s natural flair in interpersonal interaction allowed Canatec to secure big clients such as Boeing and Keppel. An inspiring figure whom is talented yet humble, Ken is well poised and definitely a person to look out for in the industry.

Under Ken’s outstanding leadership, Canatec is looking towards a strong regional presence throughout South East Asia in the next 3 to 5 years by identifying and working closely with competent partners to deliver quality and reliable solutions.

Canatec’s business motto: “Client’s satisfaction is our business”.

Singapore, has over 40 data centres in a small land mass footprint. As a result, optimisation of space is important. So, the data centre infrastructure solutions need to be delivered in an effective space saving way without compromising efficiency.

Canatec Pte Ltd has over 12 years of experience in the customization, installation and maintenance of CANATAL Precision Cooling Unit (CRAC) for data centres. More than 1,000 CRAC units have been installed in Singapore, helping companies to achieve high reliability and availability to support their critical servers and equipment.

I started off by asking Ken about what challenges do tropical climates provide, particularly relating to cooling and energy efficiency.

Ken stated that for regions with tropical climates and high humidity level, more energy is used to provide the appropriate levels of data centre cooling. He stressed that continuous emphasis on equipment research & development and innovation, is vital to reduce the energy footprint. “A complete cooling system consists of various structure and components. By improving the performance efficiency of components will result in a more energy efficient system. Canatec constantly works with various suppliers to incorporate new energy saving technologies in cooling systems”.

Canatec has three cooling platforms; the ME, R and Guardian series. I asked Ken if he could briefly outline why they have three types of cooling systems and the benefits each of these provide.

The various types of system are designed to provide solutions for different applications, Ken noted.

ME Series
This is a small footprint, highly efficient, reliable modular system for large data hall deployment. The cooling capacity ranges from 30kW to 250kW. Being fully customisable, the equipment can be tailored to specific site requirements through parts and component modification and enhancement for both air cooled and chilled water environments.

R Series
Are In-Row Cooling systems designed to deliver more focused cooling to high density IT racks in hot/cold aisle configuration. The unit flexibility and small footprint is easy to fit and deploy. The R Series are tested to increase cooling efficiency for better Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) and energy savings. Cooling capacity ranges from 20kW to 60kW.

Guardian Series
The Guardian Series are compact and modular standing units offering high reliability and performance. They are specially catered for tight spaces and especially suitable for small server rooms and technology based spaces. These are designed with quality and cutting edge technology for precise cooling and humidity control within the highly sensitive environment. Cooling capacity ranges from 5kW to 40kW.

Why should organisations select your solution above others?

“CANATEC’s focus on product innovation provides customers with the latest and best energy efficient solutions. Our control system allows better monitoring and management of data centre conditions and that will translate to less energy consumption. We are consistently in search of better technologies to provide best value to customers.”

‘By listening to our customers, we understand their needs and challenges’

“These feedbacks are vital to product improvement and enhancement of users’ experiences. Our complete services from design, to build, to maintenance ensures accountability and ease of managing multiple parties from customers.”

One of the Canatec company’s values best describes them in this way–

‘Customers Satisfaction is Our Business’

Energy efficiency in the DC is undeniably paramount these days. What specific combinations of infrastructure technology are required to reduce the power consumption footprint? Ken stated that All CANATAL systems are fitted with variable speed EC fans which regulate fan speed that prevents fans from operating at 100% all time. The Inverter compressor regulates the cooling output in accordance to preset conditions and avoids over-cooling and energy wastage. Also, the deployment of a containment and row cooling system better manages airflow thus reducing air loses. “These designs and procedures are in place to optimise cooling efficiency and reduce power consumption.”

OK then, let’s talk about DCIM. I know you have a number of different monitoring solutions available and I understand you have a DCIM in the pipeline. So, if you could kindly tell us about the importance and advantages of DCIM and then about your upcoming.

“The role of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) has evolved since its early days.”

‘The increasing importance of having more information and better control
over data centre operations are top priorities to data centre managers’

Ken continues to say that, “DCIM is a set of tools that examine, measure and manage data centre’s operation. Its objective is to improve efficiency, space utilisation and reduce cost. We are still in the process of confirming some details and are therefore unable to provide information [on our DCIM] at this moment. However, our customised solution is designed to meet different requirements and add value to your investment.”