Jakarta Erupts

Breaking news! On the 5th of September, 2018 at the Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta erupted and sent shock waves through the cloud and data center industries across APAC. Indonesia’s first all-inclusive ‘Indonesia Convention: Cloud and Datacenters convention’ convened by W.Media burst on to the scene generating some large seismic activity along the way. If this event could have been recorded on the Richter scale it would have been off the scale! This is where end-users, operators, system integrators, consultants & engineers gather.

With early expectations of 300 – 400 delegates, the convention far exceeded those expectations attracting with over 700 delegates in attendance. This follows on from the Singapore convention in July where we saw over 700 delegates in attendance as well.

The convention had a strong focus on the cloud environment targeting particularly security and technology directions in Indonesia. The successful format of the Singapore convention was continued here in Jakarta with a mix of presentations and moderated panels; a technology bench that went along the Apple-style of technology demonstration that ran throughout the day providing delegates the opportunity to interact more with sponsors at a more detailed level. There were lounges to facilitate networking among experts. And of course the expansive technology showcase hall featuring 20 sponsoring companies and organisations once again providing delegates with an extensive range of products and expertise to tap in to. The showcase featured cloud computing, data center outsourcing, connectivity, data center design and operation and energy efficiency – power & cooling.

A number of highly regarded speakers presented or participated in the discussion panels such as Wong Ka Vin – Founder and Managing Director DC1st, Alex Budiyanto – Chairman Indonesia Cloud Computing Association, Nishchal Khorana – Director Emerging Technologies, Cloud and Data Centers for Frost and Sullivan, Jae Lee – VP Head of Engineering for RingMD, and the list continues.

The keynote presentation was delivered by Jae Lee – VP Head of Engineering for RingMD regarding a new innovation called Telemedicine. The title of the presentation was ‘The Future of Healthcare – accessible and secured via blockchain and cloud computing’. Apart from the secure nature of the product that was emphasised in the presentation, I found it very interesting and wonder why this wasn’t done a long time ago. Telemedicine is an app for your smart device. Instead of spending on average 2.5 hours to visit a medical practice and share the space with other sick people and germs, you can use the RingMD app to video call a Doctor who can make a diagnosis or assessment. A medical certificate or referral letter can be issued in minutes and prescription medication can delivered to your door.

“Digital Healthcare market to Reach $39.1 Billion by 2022” 

The convention was strong to address misconceptions that many end users have. For example, digital payment providers were under the impression that they were not able to use the cloud because of Indonesian regulations around the storage of data. In actuality, the use of cloud storage is ok provided their data is stored in a cloud facility physically located in Indonesia. As a result, end users are not utilising the likes of Microsoft, Google and so forth because their Data Centers are not located in Indonesia. And there were many interesting discussions around this topic throughout the day.

What I felt from this particular light bulb being switched on was that there was a lot of interest in developing local Data Centers in Indonesia and in particular in Batam. If you are going to build local DC’s, then you need to find a location less prone to seismic and volcanic activity and as such, Batam is a good candidate.

“DC1st to launch Nexus Datacenter to be hosted in the new multi-million dollar Nongsa Digital Park in Batam” 

There were significant take-aways from this convention, more so than other conventions I have been involved in over the years. Of course, that is one of the main key focuses for these conventions that are produced by W.Media. The purpose of these conventions is to bring together likeminded people, to explore, exchange, discover and interact with peers and providers. And so, providing delegates with information ideas and contacts to accomplish the best possible outcomes for their business or organisation whether it be a provider, consultant or an end user. The whole crux of it all is to gain knowledge. These conventions by W.Media will help provide that. Did this convention achieve this? Yes, it sure did in a big way.

Another highlight was around resilience of data centers, disaster recovery and crisis management. These are some of my favourite areas in the industry having previously developed and managed disaster recovery and crisis management plans and putting these plans into action in real crises.

It was noted, and ‘enthusiastically’ discussed, the so called seemingly high resilience nature of a Tier III facility. One panellist stated that just because you have a Uptime Tier III certification does not mean that the data center is reliable. It was further pointed out that one Tier III facility (which will remain nameless) had 3 failures in a single year. (Ed. I am glad I was not managing that facility!) So, when we design and manage DC’s, diligence is always a great ally.

As always, Wong Ka Vin – Founder and Managing Director DC1st, always provides us with lengthy and detailed insights and is more than happy to talk to you at length expelling his length and depth of knowledge and experience.

His presentation Global Case Study on Resilient Data Center Strategy’ was as always insightful and deep. I found the sections on ‘The Rise of the 4th Platform’ and ‘DC campus & Edge DC the catalyst in Smart Cities’ to be quite interesting indeed.

Overall, the event exceeded expectations and was a great success. So congratulations on developing this type of format and all the hard work that goes in to it. I look forward to seeing and writing about the next convention coming up during November in Kuala Lumpur.

Next convention is the Malaysia Convention: Cloud and Data Centers at Connexion, Kuala Lumpur on the November 8th 2018. This will be Malaysia’s first all-inclusive cloud & data center event.

Next we have the Korea Convention: Cloud & Data Centers on January 23rd 2019.

Then it will be back to Singapore on July 11th for the next iteration of the Global Selection Convention and the APAC Data Centers Convention where the expectation is to break the 1,000 delegate mark.

If you wish to visit any of the data centers in Asia, feel free to reach out to our event concierge team to plan an itinerary for you. Email partner@w.media or call +65 3159 3210 for more information.